One essential part of our comprehensive offer of work on track structure is the creation of continuous welded rail and aluminothermic welding of rails using the French technology of RAILTECH INTERNATIONAL. This tried and tested technology has been in use since the foundation of the company. In addition to this technology we own and operate a modern two-way vehicle DAF WF Walderlinger - mobile welding set KSM005 with welding head K922-1 – for welding rails using contact flash welding.


For the welding of rails we use all available equipment for improving quality and so customer satisfaction. Our centre also has several sets of tensioning equipment and complete sets of rollers necessary for the creation of continuous welded rail, and it is also involved in the making out of documentation (from the processing of draft and its approval right up to the implementation and creation of continuous welded rail) pursuant to regulation S 3/2.


We hold authorisation for contact flash welding and we thus weld tempered rails using this method.


We ensure our activity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia via experienced, highly qualified workers.

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